Suntory Sparkling Chocolate Soda

July 25th, 2011 by Terry

Figured I’d do something a little bit different here: chocolate flavoured soda from Suntory of Japan. Suntory are one of the biggest and oldest beverage companies in Japan and not only make soft drinks, but alcoholic drinks (beer, rum and whiskey) too. Imagine a Coca-Cola line of beer and you’re on the right track here. They’re more famous for their Boss Coffee and C.C. Lemon range which you’ll see in most vending machines in Japan, but also like to throw things like this out there every so often.

I’ll be honest, I was not very excited to try this. Anyone who’s ever had artificial chocolate products know that they’re almost always really bad, at least in my experience. Without me being able to get any kind of handle on the ingredients (everything on the bottle is in Japanese), all I can do is drink up and hope for the best.

The bottle is really pretty. There’s an Alice in Wonderland theme on there for whatever reason, and the brown colour is done really well. It’s also there for a reason, because we do of course associate chocolate with the colour brown, the drink itself is actually clear, so it masks the real colour to an extent.

Opening the bottle up, the smell is…bad. The artificial taste I spoke of earlier is in full force. While bodybuilders aren’t exactly my target audience, anyone who’s ever had chocolate flavoured whey protein powder will instantly recognise this taste. I had two swigs and couldn’t drink the rest, it’s just such a horrible, fake chocolate taste. I like the idea but back to the drawing board with this one.

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2 Responses

  1. I'm At Home Baking

    I am currently living in Japan and I’ve not tired this yet but again I am not a fan of chocolate drinks anyways. The BOSS Ice Coffee is my favorite here so far.

  2. Pierre

    “For a good time, make it a Suntory time” – lost in translation.