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July 13th, 2011 by Terry

I’m perhaps a little bit slow at getting this review up because as it turns out, Thorntons have now discontinued this product. I’ll review it anyway because it may very well be seasonal and come back at some point, though whether you’ll want to try it or not is what we shall discover…

‘Culinary couture meets cocoa chic in Thorntons Metropolitan Collection’ is the tagline for this box, and it’s certainly…different, in terms of its outward appearance. Chic is definitely a good word for it, it looks like a box of chocolates you’d see in something like Sex in the City, not that I ever watched that show or anything. Ahem. There’s eight different types of chocolate inside too and they’re a little bit outside of Thorntons’ normal range.

The chocolates have clever names either based off locations such as the Manhattan Melt and Soho Caramel, or play on their flavours such as Orange Garden and Praline Piazza, all connected with a chic image. The contents of the box smell very floral, which is to be expected as Thorntons place a lot of emphasis on fruity and perfumed flavours here, notably in the Cloudberry Hill and Q Couture chocolates, which are both ganaches that wouldn’t look out of place at a high end chocolate artisan shop.

My problem with this box is that nothing really blew me away. The Praline Piazza is a nice, crispy hazelnut praline chocolate, and Orange Garden is a smooth orange flavoured dark chocolate ganache, but I felt like I’d tasted them before. Vanilla Heights sounded good with it being vanilla ganache with milk chocolate, but it was very plain tasting. Soho Caramel was described as being buttery, but it was overly so, and the dark chocolate shell it had did not go too well with the taste.

Overall it’s not a bad box, but I can see why it’s no longer being sold by Thorntons. Kudos to them for trying something different but it’s not quite up to scratch im its current form.

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  1. Lot-O-Choc

    Ah maybe it was for the best that this was discontinued, hopefully they should bring better products out to replace it yum!