Galaxy Bites

June 4th, 2011 by Terry

I’ve been meaning to review these for over a week now but hadn’t managed to get round to it for whatever reason. It’s not as if I dislike Galaxy chocolate, it’s great stuff, or caramel, which is equally delicious, just for some reason these sat here and I had no huge desire to eat them.

Galaxy Bites are a new range from the decently large Galaxy collection by Mars, and are milk chocolate balls with a chocolate caramel centre. It amazes me that there’s nothing really like this on the market already, it seems like something that should be around. These only come in 40g bags as far as I’m aware, and are as you’d imagine available in pretty much every retailer around.

In terms of packaging, it’s typical Galaxy fare. Much like Cadbury, they have their core image which they adjust ever so slightly for each product, and it works. The Bites themselves have the appearance of a Malteser, just ever so slightly smaller.

They taste really good too, your typical Galaxy milk chocolate with a soft, yielding caramel centre. If you’re looking for bite-sized caramel chocolate then this is a great place to start.

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3 Responses

  1. kitchen mixer

    These are absolutely delicious.

  2. Elmore

    Good advert too

  3. Alan

    Hey, cool blog :) I tried these once and thought them awful lol they were very hard, so maybe the ones you had were warm? There is a similar equivalent around in the form of Toffee Poppets, although I dont like those either.