Ann Summers Strip Poker Chocolate Game

September 3rd, 2010 by Terry

Nope, I’m not making this up. I did actually buy this from Ann Summers’ website, and I am in fact about to eat it. Alone. Here we have the Strip Poker chocolate game, and it looks so cheap it’s unreal.

It has some really weird packaging. If you’re like me you’re probably wondering why there’s a circle on the front and a bunch of numbers, but that’s how you actually play the game (which I will explain in a bit). It then says at the bottom that there’s “12 delicious chocolates” with a nice puke green logo on the front claiming that there’s 3 bonus chocolates within. Also they have soft and hard centres, I’m sure there’s a pun there but I can’t be bothered to make it.

The back of the box is a bit more interesting. It has a picture of a man having his shirt taken off by two gorgeous blondes as he hides his head in shame. Also they’re holding cards…this game isn’t played with cards! I don’t know if it’s a stock photo they used or something they just completely missed but boy does it look odd, it’s a pretty big thing to miss and something I noticed straight away.

That is what I saw when I opened the box. Now you might look at that and think “hey, those look pretty nifty, look at those patterns!”, well my friend, those patterns are not a good thing and certainly not something Ann Summers did on purpose. That is the result of chocolate blooming after not being stored properly for extended periods of time. Indeed these chocolates go out of date next month, so no doubt they’ve sat in a warehouse for some time. I am not filled with joy.

I will be frank with this review. This is the worst chocolate I have ever had in my life. It is terrible. Absolutely terrible. I have had supermarket’s own brand chocolate that costs literally pennies that tastes far better than this. I can’t even describe how bad this is, but I had a bite of a hard centre chocolate, a bite of a soft centre chocolate, and then threw the rest out. I do not condone wasting food, certainly chocolate, but I refused to eat this. Seriously, do not buy this if you value your taste buds.

If you wish to play the strip poker chocolate game yourself though with some good chocolates, here’s how!

Spin the wheel and see where the arrow symbol points. Take the corresponding chocolate (if that one has already been taken, take the next chocolate clockwise) and bite in! If it’s a soft centre you need put something on (Editor’s note: the English really is that bad there, not a typing mistake), but if it’s a hard one you’ll need to take something off!

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  1. Niki

    Oh dear, it must be really bad since you threw it all out…

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