Chocri Dark Chocolate with Nuts and Spices

November 28th, 2009 by Terry

Chocri Dark Chocolate with Nuts and Spices

The final bar in my Chocri series, here we have dark chocolate with honey wheat flakes, anise, multicoloured pepper, walnuts and orange pepper. So while not strictly nuts and spices, I wasn’t sure how to describe this bar, so this works.

When I first got this bar I looked at it and thought “what the hell? Did I put wasabi peanuts on this too?”, but I didn’t. After tasting them though they are indeed wasabi peanuts, so I think Chocri made a mistake there. I don’t really mind, they taste nice, but it skewed the bar a little bit.

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t know what I was going for when I made this bar. The white chocolate and fruit went well, milk chocolate with nuts and spice made sense, but for this one I just looked through all the toppings they had and added whatever sounded interesting. I love aniseed, honey wheat flakes sounded quite nice, and I thought the orange pepper would add an interesting flavour.

The bar is definitely very peppery, you can smell it, you can taste it, it tastes of pepper. When I spice foods up myself I usually use various hot sauces so I’m not used to the taste of pepper, and as it turns out I’m not quite as fond of the flavour of it as I had hoped. The honey wheat flakes are quite interesting though, they look and taste like some kind of breakfast cereal.

The anise is my favourite part of this bar. Throughout the entire thing it’s there, just in the background, and when the bar was finished the taste still lingered in my mouth. There was definitely a hint of orange throughout the bar too, as well as the strong pepper taste, though this is to be expected considering I added two types of pepper.

I’m quite impressed with Chocri overall. The quality of all their chocolate is good, the quality of the ingredients are good, everything here is very good. The only downside is the price, each of these bars would cost you around $10 each, which is a lot for a bar of chocolate, but this isn’t everyday stuff, and you certainly get what you pay for.

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3 Responses

  1. Carmen

    Dear Terry,

    Oh no, apologies for our mistake! I can’t believe this happened! We are very sorry. I’m glad the bar was still ok, but I’ll find out what happened here.. not our style at all. Sorry.

  2. Marcia Martins

    So glad to know your blog is up and running! Any choc you particularly liked in my last parcel? Márcia – Portugal

  3. Carmen

    Dear Terry,

    I checked on the wrong topping btw and it was an English problem for our German employees – but they are trained well now that we’ve launched and it won’t happen again :)