Hotel Chocolat Creamed Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich

April 7th, 2009 by Terry


Not one easter egg from Hotel Chocolat, but two! This one wasn’t sent by Matt but instead from some company who I guess act on behalf of Hotel Chocolat, they said they wanted an unbiased review of one of their products, I gave my address and two days later this turned up. Thank you kindly.

There are 5 editions to the easter egg sandwich range, I got what looks to be the best of them, with the others being praline, strawberry, blueberry and fruit & nut. This has a little story on the side too which reminds me of Montezuma’s, though it’s not quite as cringeworthy. “Dreaming up ideas for Easter eggs is hungry work…late one night we were raiding the fridge in our design department and slap bang in the middle, all by itself, was an egg sandwich. Eureka!”

I guess it’s believable, it takes a certain mind to create what Hotel Chocolat did from that though. What we have here is a fairly small (100g) half milk chocolate egg set on a slab of milk and white chocolate, with caramel chocolate buttons studded into the slab. Two of these slabs have been pressed together, forming a whole egg within two slabs, though they break apart easily enough. It sounds complex, and looks great.

Tastewise, I found this to actually be a little unremarkable. The caramel was nowhere to be found, there were about four little buttons on each slab which had the caramel flavour, and with there being so much regular milk chocolate surrounding it the taste was just chocolate. Ok, so it’s still damn tasty, but it’s not caramel at all. I’d definitely spend a little bit more and take the Caramel Egg from yesterday, though if you’ve got a few kids then perhaps take advantage of the special offer these have, otherwise it’s not really worth it.

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