Thorntons Fusions

March 19th, 2009 by Terry


Thorntons new, and bloody expensive, selection box is this. A stylish looking box filled with 9 types of chocolates. Each of these tiny chocolates is hand finished, and the 140g box has 18 chocolates within (2 of each type).

The box looks tiny, which is certainly a sign of things to come. It looks real neat though, nice and black with a little pattern on the front, and a green ribbon thing. The ribbon has flaps on the side which just peel off and then the top is pulled off. The box is very thick, obviously made from a real good material, I really do love how it looks.

Within, as I mentioned, are 9 tiny chocolates. It reminds me a lot of the Artisan du Chocolat collection, as they’re barely even bitesize. Now they call it Fusions because each of the chocolates are a fusion of two flavours, with some really interesting ones like Caramel and Soy or Smooth Balsamic.

Some are better than others but there’s something here for everyone. There’s a few fruity ones – Cocoa and Cranberry and Orange and Cardamom. We then have a few plainer ones such as Intense Milk and Intense Dark. We have the original ones that I mentioned earlier, and then the traditional flavours – Hazelnut Noisette, Madagascan Vanilla and Amaretto and Cream.

For the most part, these are really nice. I went through them a bit too quickly and I think the box is a bit too expensive for what it’s worth, but I definitely enjoyed them, though I probably won’t have them again.

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