Ferrero Raffaello

March 13th, 2009 by Terry


I’d been eyeing up this lovely looking box for quite awhile before finally getting it. After all, Ferrero have never disappointed and so why the heck not get this and have the whole thing for myself?

The box is full of individually wrapped Rocher style balls. These though are white chocolate, filled with a praline cream and a hazelnut, and coated in dessicated coconut. Sounds lovely.


The bad thing about these is that because they’re individually wrapped and covered in coconut, when you open the wrapper the coconut spills out everywhere, all over my damn floor. Messy as hell, what I had to do was open them very carefully and scoop it straight into my mouth, and even then there was a bunch of coconut left in the wrapper.

You know what though? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because these taste that damn good. Creamy, nutty and coconutty. Wow, if you think that sounds good then you have no idea. Incredibly moreish and worth every penny. I think these are better than Ferrero Rocher actually, I’d much prefer to see these on the table at little get togethers than those, even if they don’t look quite as pretty.

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13 Responses

  1. Pam Walter

    Good to know about both the taste and the potential mess. I agree, though, good coconut flavor is worth a little clean-up!

  2. cybele

    Around here they also come in a little 3 pack where they’re not individually wrapped, just in cups. Seems to mean that the coconut isn’t as likely to make a mess.

    (Oh, and that’s the EXACT one I ate, as I took that photo.)

  3. Ana

    I like the cream in Rafaello, but that’s it. I wish someone made a confection with a strongly-flavored coconut cream, without the sawdust texture of the grated coconut anywhere.

  4. jen

    mmmmm these sound lovely i’ve never heard of these where can i find them???

  5. Victoria

    I remember eating these over 15 years ago and mourning their loss when it seemed you could no longer buy them in the UK.. until an expedition to a supermarket in Italy where I couldn’t contain my glee as I wandered down an aisle and it was lined.. LINED with box upon box upon box of Coconutty goodness!

    Then last year, in WH Smith’s of all places started stocking them, right around Mother’s Day which was perfect as my mum used to eat these and loved them.. I bought two boxes.. but since then they’ve disappeared again!

    They’re ridiculously good, though my affection for true Ferrero Rocher holds precedent :D

  6. Naj

    Perhaps you could open them up into a bowl so as to not get a messy floor.

  7. BunchOfFives

    Pretty sure that’s an almond in the centre of those isn’t it?

  8. Olivia

    Most delicious of the supermarket chocolates.
    I used to eat a box a week of these. They are sweet, creamy, coconutty with an almond. No disgusting hazelnut anywhere.
    They are beautiful unwrapped and on a chocolate dish after a dinner party. Shake off the loose coconut and its not messy either.

  9. Thomas

    This is the best – I hate any thing with chocolate!

  10. oh


  11. Raj

    They are the angels, melting in the mouth…remember me of snow balls…Lovely, tasty and i feel sad when they are over…b’coz i miss the snow white beauty :)

  12. Ben Bangkok

    They`re nice, I was in Germany as a kid and I ate them all the time when I was there.

  13. feroz

    just loving them!!!just bought some in a dubai supermarket for $2 yes two dollars a box(I THINK THERE ARE 16 IN A BOX)