Guylian Sea Shells

January 22nd, 2009 by Terry


A small box containing six finest Belgian chocolate sea shells. There is a larger box available but I’m both poor and cheap, a terrible combination, and so we’ll just go with this one.

This little 85g box has the regular sort of Guylian look to it. A white theme on a small cardboard box, and inside the box are, as I mentioned, six of the trademark Guylian sea shells.

The sea shells come in a small, black plastic tray. They come in different shapes and sizes, all different types of shells, from a conical shape to a larger, rounder shape. Lovely. The milk chocolate sea shells have, unsurprisingly, a 65% praline filling.

The shells are all nice, very nice in fact. They taste exactly how I expected them to, which is just like a Guylian bar, and just like the Guylian Opus chocolates I had before. So whilst these are nice, Guylian seem a little limited with their range, and while I have tried their dark chocolate bar before, they seem to do little else except for their Guylian Irish Creme. They’re obviously very talented so I’d like to see a little more from them.

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8 Responses

  1. Pam Walter

    Have always wanted to try this brand. Thanks for the review.

  2. chocolatebunny

    These are the seashells of the Devil. Thick sugary chocolate encases fatty paste. Oh my God, please don’t buy them for me Auntie June!

  3. Chocolate

    there devine i got a box of my friend for christmas there amazing just like her

  4. Abi

    They’re worth buying just to display! The marbling effect of the two colors is just beautiful when you first open them. But yes, I don’t doubt you when you say the brand needs more variety. I could tell that just by having ONE box from them, EVER!

  5. cas


  6. Helen

    They’re like a little heaven in white box.

  7. Paul

    Haven’t had these in a few years but I can remember them being a lot nicer than I’d thought they would be, despite them looking gorgeous. They were a personal favourite of mine for a while, although very taxing on the old recommended daily in-take of fat and sugar.

  8. lekhana

    wonderful chocolates.i love them