Milka & Daim Bar

January 5th, 2009 by Terry


I couldn’t resist more Milka. This is their standard milk chocolate bar, only with little pieces of Daim mixed in. I’m particularly fond of Daim bars though I’ve never reviewed the milk chocolate version before (note to self: review it). It’s basically crunchy almond toffee and despite the fact it gets all stuck in your teeth, I enjoy it.

So Milka is nice, Daim bars are nice, this’ll surely be nice. I like the way ‘Daim’ explodes on the front of the pack, it’s screaming at me! whenever I read German I get an urge to shout it as well, the ingredients read as if they should be shouted – Die zarteste Versuchung, seit es Schokolade gibt. Shout it, it’ll make you feel better.

So you open up the 100g bar in its plastic wrapper, and we have the small chunk Milka version. Like I said, inside each chunk is a few little pieces of crunchy, almond toffee. It gives the bar an obviously crunchy texture, and the combination of milk chocolate and Daim is not exactly a strange one considering that Daim bars are usually coated in milk chocolate.

The bar perhaps works better like this as opposed to the regular Daim bar which is one big slab of toffee. Because it’s broken up you get little pieces at once and the flavour is spread out as well as the toffee pieces being smaller and not getting stuck as much in your teeth. I really enjoyed this, I dislike it when they get stuck in my teeth but it’s a small price to pay for this delicious bar. Arguably not worth it though considering we already have a Daim bar here in the UK.

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9 Responses

  1. haz

    i’m a big fan, as is my boyfriend

  2. choc_fan_17

    I’m eating it now. Tastes guuuurd

  3. angelika

    Milka and Daim is just amazing. BTW “Die zarteste Versuchung, seit es Schokolade gibt” translates to something along the lines of: Milka, the most tender temptation since the creation of chocolate! Doesn’t quite create the right atmosphere to shout it out into the world, even for a well accustomed German ear :)

  4. Michelle Gannon

    Where can I get it in Ireland? Got 2 bars in France on hols, I’m crying now.

  5. Ms I.

    I got them in Tesco in Dublin (Roselawn, d15) ;)

  6. neil decarteret

    just bought a bar hoping its as nice as the chocolate I had in sweden (MARABOU DAIM) Which is the nicest choclate I have ever tasted and I am addicted to chocolate! if you can get a bar of marabou daim please review that I think you’ll be amazed and addicted after one bar!

  7. Baron

    its the best i’ve ever had involving high grade and choclate! me and the missus just sat down eat a bar …now were going to make love with smooth reggae in the back ground! i wanna get the wrapper tattoo’d on my face it’s that good!

  8. not_moby

    Possibly the most magical of all chocolate bars! Huge favourite in the office!

  9. VL

    Heute habe ich das Schokolade gegessen. Natürlich war es sehr gut!

    I ate some of that chocolate today, it was very good!