Ummah Caramel Chocolate Bar

November 27th, 2008 by Terry

Ummah Foods is a British manufacturer of Halal chocolates, and was established in 2004. Being Halal means it follows the process of having absolutely no alcohol in the bar or any form of animal fat in the ingredients or the processing itself. The company only has two bars out at the moment – this caramel chocolate bar and an orange chocolate bar. I found both in my local Tesco in the World Food aisle, and it’s possible that you could do the same.

The package is fairly plain looking. They have a Halal stamp and it says that 10% if the net profit goes to charity, though I’m not aware of which ones that is. The bar is fairly weighty and you can feel that there are breakable sections through the wrapper. It’s a relatively plain plastic foil wrapper, so let’s just open it.

Inside is a fairly plain looking bar. There are six pieces to be broken off. It looks a bit darker than regular milk chocolate, though that is indeed what it uses. The caramel is very runny, and it located in each segment, there’s a fair amount of it but it has no consistency and just pretty much runs down your throat before you’ve barely chewed the chocolate.

The chocolate, if nothing else, has quite a unique taste to it. The lack of animal fats has perhaps changed the taste, and it’s a bit different to anything I’ve had before. The caramel is quite nice when you can taste it, but I could only get it on my tongue a couple of times. While the chocolate may be different, that’s not necessarily good or bad, as in the end it’s fairly plain.

And that about sums the bar up, it’s nothing too special really. It’s great though that we have Halal bars now and with profits going to charity as well, that can only be a good thing. So while not being fantastic chocolate, the company deserves some praise and it’s nice to know you’re doing a good thing by buying one of their bars.

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