Finessa Suchard Finest Pistachio Bar

November 25th, 2008 by Terry

My second and last bar from Finessa, this is a milk chocolate bar with a pistachio creme centre. The picture on the front of this bar looks much more impressive, with what seems to be a breakable piece rather than the slightly boring looking slab bar that Finessa use with their marzipan version. According to the Austrian website I was sent this from, “Suchard Finessa Finest Pistachio stands for green love – and is an unforgetable experience.” Well, if they say so.

Again everything is in German but there’s much more information on the back, with this bar having Pistaziencreme-Fullung (35%) with Pistazienkrokant und einer Rahmcreme-Fullung (15%). So from what I understand this is a pistachio creme filling, with little pieces of pistachio and then a regular creme filling as well. Sounds…creamy.

The bar is indeed in breakable pieces, and is again a 100g slab. Each piece has a Finessa image stamped onto them, and the bar looks quite pretty. It’s thicker than the marzipan bar, and is much tastier too. The pistachio isn’t overbearing, instead it’s a great mix of pistachio and cream. The 100g is a little bit too much for one serving but so it should be. Overall a very fine bar indeed, far superior to the marzipan bar and highly recommended to pistachio fans.

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5 Responses

  1. Sylke

    This sounds yummy, have to see whether I can find one in Germany over Christmas.
    Just a small question, isn’t the brand name here rather Suchard than Finessa? At least that’s the name that I recognise as a chocolate company… Or is Finessa some kind of Austrian sub-brand of Suchard?

  2. Terry

    Sylke – That probably makes a bit more sense, the Finessa is what jumped out at me on the wrapper so I went with that. Guess I’ll have to get to editing this stuff.


    Dobrý den, mám jeden dotaz. Kde můžu sehnat v CZ ( Praha) vynikající čokoladu Finessa Zitrone Ingwer? Děkuji.
    Přeji hezký den.

  4. Bagnew

    Translated from above

    Hello, You have a wonderful site. Where can I in Czech Republic can I find the excellent chocolate Finesse Zitrone Ingwer? Thank you.
    Have a nice day.

  5. Frances

    Where can I find Suchard Finessa Marzipan in the United States?