Hershey’s Crunchy Caramel Créme Kisses

November 19th, 2008 by Terry

Wow, MORE Hershey’s kisses? Well sadly so, I didn’t plan on getting anymore for awhile until I realised you were entering another holiday period in America (this was back in early October), and so I have another four bags to review, starting with these.

So this is caramel flavoured candy (note the word there) with crunchy candy bits. So no actual caramel then? Just caramel flavoured candy, with candy bits, Hershey’s are shockingly poor. The bag looks nice enough, it has a piece of caramel melting, and they like to mention on all their bags that these have been made since 1907 and carry a great history, not that I care in the slightest.

The kisses come in a gold foil wrapper, and the candies themselves are white with brown stripes. You can also see little black dots within, these are the crunchy pieces. They smell very strongly of caramel, but don’t taste very strongly of it. Instead they have more of a cheap white chocolate taste, it’s quite greasy and the caramel does of course taste quite cheap. It’s all very sugary of course and to be honest I didn’t like them much at all.

I really need to stop buying things from Hershey, things like this are a disgrace to their own name. It’s not chocolate and they know it and brand it as such, why do they keep making this cheap crap? Oh well, another product out of the way…

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