Dark Chocolate Twix

November 17th, 2008 by Terry

Halloween at my work office meant a hell of a lot of free chocolate for everyone. Being the chocolate reviewer that I am, I had to survey the scene for things I hadn’t reviewed yet, picking like a bird. I eventually found this, a dark chocolate Twix. Where have these been hiding then?

You’d think a dark chocolate version of a much established bar would be bigged up by the company and marketed somewhat heavily, yet I’ve never even seen these things before. They came in the multipack version, which perhaps suggests why these weren’t within my range before.

The pack itself does look quite nice. It’s obviously a dark theme, but at the same time it utilises Twix’s usual light yellow theme. It’s really quite interesting if you look at it deeply, not that I reckon anyone does. Ah what an interesting life I lead…

The bar itself obviously looks quite dark, like all dark chocolate does regardless of the cocoa content. I’m not sure how dark this chocolate is but it doesn’t taste too dark at all. The main flavour in a Twix is not the chocolate, it’s the biscuit and the caramel, the chocolate merely holds it together. The dark chocolate carries a bit more flavour than the regular milk, but not much really, and it’s not dark enough to make the bar bitter or anything like that. All in all, there’s not enough here to make me want to get this again instead of a milk chocolate Twix. Sure it’s nice, but it’s distinctly average. Not one to avoid, but not one to get excited over either.

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One Response

  1. craig

    I LOVED THESE when they were released in the US several years ago. Much better than the regular Twix.