Hershey’s Hot Cocoa Créme Kisses

November 4th, 2008 by Terry

Not hot cocoa creme, or even cream, no no, this is hot cocoa créme. How exotic from Hershey.

So these are milk chocolate kisses that are filled with hot cocoa créme. Both naturally and artificially flavoured, I’m not sure what the hot cocoa créme is but I urge you not to look at the ingredients, it’s one of the worst list of anythings I’ve ever seen.

The pack is standard enough, there are some snowflakes on the front so perhaps this is a Christmas edition and I’ve got an old batch, but with no expiry date on the bag I can’t tell.

The consistency of the kisses is similar to any other cream filled kiss, such as the Cheesecake Kisses, with it being sort of truffley and altogether not that nice. It’s very plain and it does seem like they’ve tried to make this a truffle kiss, but there’s not enough to it, and the chocolate is of nowhere near enough quality to make these nice enough. Overall, a very poor showing, I was able to eat the bag (not literally) but I’ve no intention of trying these again, and see no reason to recommend them when there are plenty of better options on the market. Limited edition or not there’s no reason to buy these.

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6 Responses

  1. 6th Floor Blog

    Ooops..bought a bag last night. Haven’t tried them yet.

    I wonder if they just sprinkled some of the powder from their Goodnight Kisses hot chocolate in?

  2. Technosquid

    I’ve heard these are the worst of the holiday edition kisses. I myself have only tried the Mint Truffle flavor, which I wasn’t very impressed with. I’ll probably buy a bag of the Candy Cane flavor while they’re available, although they didn’t exactly win rave reviews last year.

  3. Chris

    These were horrid. A very strong artificial flavor with a malty overtone.

    If you like Ovaltine, you might enjoy these kisses, but otherwise the “creme” tastes NOTHING like hot cocoa.

    I don’t understand how Hersheys, which usually makes excellent chocolate, can mess up hot COCOA flavoring?

  4. sylviar parker

    where can you buy this flavor ..only found them once and can not find them anymore. they do not have them at walmart. they are really good best ever

  5. karen

    the recipe on the back of the bag of these Hershey Kisses is the best cookie I ever made. My daughter threw the recipe away. Does anyone have it?

  6. neha

    these r the best hersheys ever ive been looking all over for the name of the abg and then i found it.. its hots coco taste and delicous youve got to trey these when the time is holiday season yummy!!