Lindt Creation 70% Caramel

October 31st, 2008 by Terry

A very posh looking Lindt bar here straight from Switzerland. This is part of their Creations range, and is a 70% cocoa solids bar with a truffle centre and soft caramel filling.

I’ve previously had a milk chocolate and caramel bar from Lindt, but this one is completely different. This is much more akin to the Petit Desserts range with how the bar itself looks and so forth, as opposed to the Excellence range. The box looks pretty excellent, with a piece of caramel melting on some truffle, and the entire dark theme is basically what drew me to this bar, despite the fact that it’s dark chocolate.

So basically we have a 70% dark chocolate bar, which is very thick as it houses a layer of truffle and a layer of soft caramel. Like I said this is quite similar to the Petit Desserts range, making it a very thick and luxurious bar. Inside the cardboard box is a thick gold wrapper, and within is the bar.

The truffle is a little substandard, it doesn’t provide much flavour and it’s kinda hard to detect. The caramel is also quite weird, it’s quite soft and yet almost paste-like in appearance. Like I said, very weird, and while it tastes like caramel and is really nice, it’s different to any sort of caramel I’ve ever had before. Not a bad thing, just a bit strange.

Overall, the bar is ok. The caramel and truffle balance the dark chocolate meaning it’s neither too sweet nor too bitter. The taste isn’t exceptional, nor is it bad, it’s quite good. It may work better with milk chocolate, or with just something different going on, but I can’t see myself getting it again.

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2 Responses

  1. Pam Walter

    This looks very similar to the Ghirardelli caramel square. Have you tried those and how would you compare the two?

  2. Aimee

    I agree this one is a little so-so. Passible – there really is no taste (the truffle) and I can think of many other chocolates more deserving (calorie and taste wise.) But it’s very pretty to look at!