Cadbury Adams’ Original Swedish Fish

August 4th, 2008 by Terry

These aren’t just original Swedish fish, these are THE original Swedish fish! “Soft and chewy candy” fish shaped gummis, there seems to be some sort of nostalgia about these that I’m not quite aware of. I guess that means I can give these an unbiased review if nothing else.

There’s practically no information given on the pack as to what these are, just a very plain and old looking plastic wrapper straight from the 70s and some very disturbing ingredients, basically these are made of sugar and artificial colours and flavourings, mmm…my favourite.

It was at this point I decided to do some research into these, and I found that there are a few other colours and flavours of Swedish fish, including my favourite…salmiak, otherwise known as salted herrings, bleh. They also contain no gelatin, not that I care considering all the sugar, corn syrup and other crap these have inside them.

So let’s just go right ahead with the taste test. The packet opened easily, and inside was a decent amount of little red fish. On one side they had a fish look about them, with “Swedish” printed on, whilst the backside was plain gummy. The taste is hard to describe. They don’t taste like gummi bears, more like red liquorice, only with a distinct lack of flavour.

They look cheap, they taste cheap. These aren’t bad, they’re just not really very nice. There’s no comparison between this and something from RJ’s. I don’t care how original these are, they’re poor. Try harder, Cadbury Adams.

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9 Responses

  1. Debby

    I never really got the appeal of these. They taste stale.

  2. ellie

    I had never heard of these in my life, then a couple of nights later (ie. ten minutes ago) they are mentioned on the Chelsea Lately show on E. Yeah I watch that channel.
    She mentioned them in the same sentence as a bong so maybe it’s slang for something fishy. Har har.

  3. Terry

    Debby – They certainly do, though I was expecting some butthurt Americans to come and tell me that I had an old pack or some other excuse for me just plain old not liking them.

    Ellie – Once again you show off your wit. A career in writing awaits you.

  4. Allie

    Why, merci! Keep meaning to change the ‘e’ in my name to an ‘a’ on the comment form seeing as that’s my real name. Not really sure why I went with ellie in the first place. It’s like…one letter difference. (Is there an emoticon for ‘quizzical face’ anyone?)

  5. Terry

    Allie – Pretty sure you went by Ellie in our emails too, probably due to your secretiveness.

  6. Allie

    Did I? Probably, I have many identities! The single letter change…a devious and ingenious device.

  7. Carole

    My granddaughter gave me some
    of the Swedish Fish and I really Love them. To me, they
    are delicious. Of course, I find they are easily to digest and sorta melt in my
    mouth. They are good for even
    us older people….smiles..
    thanks for letting me share.

  8. Niclas

    I´m from sweden and I´ve had fish shaped candy but that from cadbury adams we don’t have it’s not the original, the original is made from a swedisd company called “Malaco” and they make the classic, salted herrings as well as some other flavours/colors yellow, orange, green and red. I think they are quite tasty.

  9. Tom R

    Hi all

    I’ve come across some strange Cadbury confectionery when in the UK. But never the “Swedish Fish”.
    As Niclas state the True original ia from Malaco and those are pretty darn good. I like the salmiac the best.

    There other examples where the word “Swedish” is used in a much more disturbing way by those not Swedish. Meatballs are made from ground beef and pork. The balls should be 1 1/4″ in diameter. Let breadcrumbs soake in milk a bit och then work that toghether with one big finely chopped onion in to the minced meat. Season with ground black pepper and salt. Eat the meatballs toghther with mashed potatoes and Lingonberry jam.