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July 25th, 2008 by Terry

So I figured I should review the Revels before one of the flavours gets evicted off, and then I figure they’ll get a re-review once the new flavour comes out. Sound like a plan? Thought so. This pack was bought 2 days ago so it has the eviction slogan on it. “Which flavour goes? You decide…”, Big Brother much?

So what are Revels and why is there so much hype over them all of a sudden? Well, they’re a little plastic bag full of chocolate balls, with each chocolate ball having a different flavour. There are six flavours – Chocolate, Raisin, Coffee, Malteser, Caramel and Orange. The Revels are shaped as such that it can be hard to tell which is which, though in my experience the chocolate ones are always disk shaped, the Malteser ones are bloody huge and the raisin ones are tiny. Fingers crossed.

So there’s a campaign going on at the moment where the public can evict one of the flavours, and then I assume it is replaced by another, though that’ll (sadly) be of Mars’ choice it seems. So let’s ignore all of that and get to the taste of these things.

The chocolate ones were indeed disc shaped, and I only had two of them in the pack. Both of them tasted faintly orangey because of the orange Revels in there. Not a bad thing but perhaps a bit more quality control is needed. The Malteser ones are the huge ones and tasted like…Maltesers. Nothing bad about them at all. The orange ones were also fairly big, they’re very chalky but they have a nice taste to them. Same goes for the coffee, it’s a fairly milky tasting coffee which I quite like, but it’s so chalky it gets stuck in my teeth and it just feels so weird. Caramel is ok, I only had one in the pack and it tasted nice, not a problem with it except for it being very hard, more like toffee than caramel. And raisin is just…raisin. Tasteless dried fruit covered in ordinary milk chocolate, yum yum.

Overall, they’re not terrible, but they don’t excite me. Yeah so you don’t know which flavour you’re gonna eat next, but so what? When you like all of them then it’s hardly much of a risk factor. There’s no flavour here which makes me really want to buy these again, I personally think peanut butter should be brought in because it’s a market that’s growing a bit here, and people want it, and it’d certainly make me buy these again if done well.

Time will tell. Each pack has 168 calories, 1.9g Protein, 23.4g Carbohydrates and 7.5g Fat.

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3 Responses

  1. Jim

    Terry thank god you said you liked the Coffee ones!!! We need big estalished sites like your own to spread the word that the coffee one IS NOT the one to get rid of.

    Personally im not overly fussed as I never eat Revels anyway but from the review i did on them the coffee one was y far and away one of the better tasting ones! Its got to be the Malteser that has to go….if you want Maltesers why not just grab a bag of them eh!?

    No doubt the new inclusion is gonna be crappy! Peanut butter all the way – im backing you on that!


  2. Tracy

    i think it should be the coffee to go they’re just mining
    special for those hat don’t like coffee but what are thy going to be replaced but hope its not the nut one’s they’re just as bad
    even worst of all for those that cant eat nuts i cant even stand the smell of coffee but then again that’s how i can tell which ones are the coffee lol

    out with coffee PLEASE

  3. Harriet

    COFFEE all the way. These sweets are meant to be for children and im convinced that most kids dont admire the taste of coffee! Sorry all the fans, but thats the one to go!