Fox’s Mint Echo

July 2nd, 2008 by Terry

I’ve been very cautious over the past year as to what I review. Should I review biscuits with chocolate? Should I review those chocolates that only come in multipacks? I was never too sure, but I back at home for a bit and saw that dear mother had got some of these, mint flavoured Echos from Fox’s, a famous biscuit manufacturer here in Britain, and I thought “what the hey”.

The Echo comes in a few varieties, as far as I’m aware there’s a milk chocolate one and I’m sure there used to be an orange one, though I may be wrong there. The Echo is a long milk chocolate stick, with a biscuit base and bubbly, minty chocolate on top, quite akin to the Peppermint Aero in appearance.

So, a small peppermint Aero with a biscuit base? Well, yep, that’s just about what you get here. As you can see the milk chocolate is very thin, it’s really just holding everything together. The bar doesn’t crumble at all, it’s a lovely looking work of art that stays firm in the mouth though crumbs are to be expected when the bar is bitten. The bubbly chocolate is delicious, I love this kind of minty chocolate, it just tastes so good.

Overall, very impressive. It’s tiny, no weight here but I’m guessing around 20-25g, it’s only a snack for kids really, but we can eat them too and it’ll be our little secret.

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5 Responses

  1. ellie

    They’ve gone all posh with the wrapper too.

  2. Terry

    Ellie – They have indeed, it confuses me about who they’re aimed at.

  3. Rosa

    What a nice coincidence – I saw these at Sainsbury’s today and spent a few minutes deciding whether or not to buy them (they also came in white chocolate). I ended up passing, but after this review, I’ll have to grab ‘em next time.

  4. Terry

    Rosa – You have Sainsbury’s in America? And they actually ship over English stuff like this? I’ve never even seen a white chocolate variety here, how very odd.

  5. Patti

    They used to sell them at World Market stores (in Northern Virginia, US) in both chocolate and mint chocolate versions until those of us who fell in love with them sold them out. Reading online, I find Fox have re-packaged them to sell as a luxury choc to the female audience. I don’t think it really matters (unless the cost goes up because of it), as they are great biscuits/cookies with a wonderful “crunch” to them and as a long-time lover of mint Aero bars–another way to get that flavor when the same store has sold out of Aeros. (Am trying to find an online source. Current one is backordered.)