Nestlé Peppermint Crisp

June 20th, 2008 by Terry

“Peppermint crisp, peppermint cool”, and “Crisp mint cracknel coated in milk chocolate” are the lines printed on the bar. I just wanna note that the first quote there made me laugh so hard for some reason, I think it was the “peppermint cool” part, I can just imagine some lame, cheesy 90s advert shouting it out. Now I don’t know what mint cracknel is, so I decided to consult Google, where I was relocated to the Star Wars wikipedia (otherwise known as the Wookieepedia! Haha!) and notified that it was a popular appetiser for Jabba the Hutt, how delicious.

In the end I decided to just open the bar and find out for myself, peeling off the wrapper and I was instantly hit with a strong, peppermint smell. The bar has six pieces, each with Nestlé printed on them.

The pieces half snap, half rip off from each other. The cracknel is quite strange, a sticky, crunchy, minty, bubbly like…stuff. The bar reminds me of an Aero only with cracknel instead of bubbly chocolate. It almost breaks to pieces inside your mouth, before the cracknel sticks together, then to your teeth all in one big minty, chocolatey lump.

Honestly I’m not sure if I like it or not. It’s tasty, but it just feels wrong, I think I’d recommend this just for the slightly strange experience.

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  1. ellie


  2. Bagnew

    Ah yes, The good old Wookiepedia. A mainstay of my favourites. Always handy, because I read alot of SW, currently on the New Jedi Order, and It’s really Handy for Yuuzhan Vong Biotechnology pictures.
    Anyway, Chocolate. I had some of this once. It was about 3 years old, and tasted like someone had taken 20 packets of Fisherman’s Friends, liquidized them and reduced to a solid.
    Yum yum. A very weird experience

  3. Terry

    Ah yes, Yuuzhan Vong Biotechnology pictures, I commonly find myself searching for them too, thank god for the Wookiepedia!

  4. Bagnew

    Are you sure?
    That sounds a little suspicious, seeing as the capitilization of your words are the same as mine!


  5. babycakes

    on the topic of nestle but im just wondering i bought a lion biaty bar and a mars ‘no name’ bar does anyone happen to know what these are? biaty?

  6. Terry

    Bagnew – u no i h4x

    babycakes – Can’t say I’ve ever heard of either of them, where did you get them?

  7. babycakes

    i found them in this little shop near a sainsburys in bath its a foreign shop so who knows lol ill just have to try it and see uh on! :) xx

  8. babycakes

    just to say i found out its a white choc lion bar lol :P

  9. Terry

    Babycakes – Ah ok, I’ve had one of them myself actually, it was fairly decent but I didn’t review it because I…just didn’t, I can’t even remember why.

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  11. Enticing Teez

    Does Peppermint Crisp have salt?? I am currently doing a salt less fast and well I am not sure if I can have this.