Sarotti Eszet Schnitten Vollmilch

June 5th, 2008 by Terry

Right…I have no idea what this is about. Never heard of the company, have no idea what the translation is, so…awesome! If the chocolate is anything like what it looks like on the front of the box, then this seems like a pretty plain product.

So inside the box was a foil wrapper, and inside the foil wrapper was a little plastic container thing, with eight of these small square chocolate thins inside.

They taste quite nice, a little plain, like slightly underwhelming milk chocolate really. There’s not much of a chocolate taste, what does come through is a slightly milky flavour, which is prevalent in most European chocolates.

Judging from the box these aren’t meant to be eaten plain, but rather with ice cream, or vanilla pudding or something like that, and I can imagine these going well with something like that. On their own they’re a little plain but in the end I guess they were ok.

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7 Responses

  1. Patti

    My sister-in-law brought me back a box of these from Europe. Apparently kids put them on bread and eat it like a sandwich!

  2. Bagnew

    mmmmmm…. Chocolate Sandwich, And I DON’T MEAN THAT CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD! We use a real slice of the slice-iest chocolate we can find!

  3. Terry

    Chocolate bar in a sandwich? Why…have I never even thought of this before? Sounds interesting, there were like 10 of these in the pack, I should have done something fun with them once I realised they were a little bit boring.

  4. Sylke

    Hahaha, didn’t you see the chocolate slice sitting on the piece of baguette on the package? At least that’s what it looks like on the photo.
    The name is indeed strange, eszet means that funny letter we have in German, which looks like this: ß. I have no idea why somebody would name chocolate after that. Schnitten simply means slices.
    I’ve never tried these but they’ve been around for a long time in Germany.

  5. Karina Wright

    I am german and I grew up in Germany, so I am pretty familiar with eszet Schnitten. I have known them since my childhood and always liked them. They stopped making my favourite though, dark chocolate with orange flavour.
    You do indeed put them on bread. They just have the ideal shape, they’re big enough to cover the entire half of a broetchen (it’s kinda like a dinner roll or a very small baguette) but you can put them on any other kind of bread, too.
    The name has nothing to do with that weired german letter which looks like a B and is the equivalent of a double s.
    It originates from the company where they were invented. The company itself was named after the founders Ernst Staengel and Karl Ziller. If you pronounce the letters S and Z in german it sounds like eszet.

  6. Jerry

    I just came back from Germany and brought 10 packs of these little chocolate squares. They are awesome on bread with my morning cup of coffe. They have a light taste and are very enjoyable.

  7. Angela

    I would like to purchase eszet schnitten in the US. I haven’t had this chocolate for 20 years. It is sooooo good on german bread! I did find it on line but the shipping is almost as much as the chocolate! Any info would be helpful.