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May 28th, 2008 by Terry

Another South African bar! I’ve only ever reviewed one before and I’m kinda excited to review another. Kinda…actually ya know what, I’m not, this bar is a disgrace, read on.

So it’s billed as “creamy marshmallow on crisp wafer covered in milk chocolate”. Marshmallow on wafer? Marshmallow on bloody wafer? Could there be a more tasteless combo? How about cracker on ricecake, I think that would be a challenger.

Well at least there’s one good thing about this, the chocolate is rippled! Right? Right? Wrong, the chocolate is cracked, cheap and cracked. See that white stuff at the end of the bar? That’s where the marshmallow leaked out, got stuck to the inside of the wrapper and then stuck back to the chocolate, making it a mess to pull out, plus the bar was already broken like that when I got it. Ugh…

As for the taste, it’s so average. Pitifully average, despairingly average. It’s marshmallow on wafer with Nestlé’s world renowned (lol) chocolate covering it, that says it all. As for that sticky bit at the end, it made me wretch, I don’t know why I ate it, the marshmallow had gone bad or something, just abysmal.

What more do I need to say? If you still want to eat this for enjoyment’s sake and not for review purposes or for some other funny reason, then I hope this bar gives you some sort of illness, you’d deserve it for not listening to me.

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14 Responses

  1. ellie

    so you liked it then. definitely getting me some of that nestle goodness. seriously though, i cannot STAND when bars are poorly manufactured so that the filling sticks to the wrapper. wrong wrong wrong. even for nestle, this looks bad – it looks like one of those brands of chocolate in a pound shop that you’ve never heard of and never will again

  2. James

    This looks familiar Terry ;)

    Glad to see yours came in the complete state that mine did aswell!


  3. Liat89

    “it looks like one of those brands of chocolate in a pound shop that you’ve never heard of and never will again.”

    Obviously ur never gonna hear of it again, it’s a South African candy! If you go to South Africa it’s sold everywhere (I should know my Mum’s from there). It’s also sold in a number of places in Australia. I actually love Chocolate Logs, I think they taste fantastic.

  4. dale

    instead of buying it to be imported perhaps go to south africa and buy it? and for the taste,i gotta say its probably one the best tasting bars a company could produce although ive not tried all chocolate bars in the world i would still rate this simplistic bar 8/10 and for your ridiculous banter its quite funny to read :)

  5. Terry

    Dale – You mean I should plan a holiday to South Africa just to taste this crap again straight from the source? Brilliant idea, I’ll fly right over!

  6. kim

    im from south africa and am one of the many who actaully loves chocolate log!

    yes it may crack up, but what did you expext from a bar thats composed almost entirely of marshmellow?

  7. Vicki

    I’m from SA, and live in Texas now. The Chocolate Log happens to be my FAVORITE chocolate of all! This review is absolutely wrong!

  8. diana

    Hey I agree with Kim and Vicki – best chocolate EVA….the problem is that it does not travel well, so Dale you are absolutely right – they are best eaten fresh from the factory – in SA. And NO Terry don’t go to SA you are undeserving of the joy that an exqisite chocolate log can bring…

  9. Nicoline

    I come from SA too and live in Canada. Usually once a month or so I order products from SA and this is one of the products. I will die thinking I could never eat a chocolate log again.

    There is no chocolate in Canada that can beat it. The best.

  10. natashia

    I’m a chocolate log freek ..
    If I don’t get one I go nuts ..
    I was looking on line to email nestle’ them selves to tell them to make a bigger one or may be like fingers like a kit kat …
    Just as u get started its finished …when eva the family has treat nite .. We all get to 1 treat I always go for a chocolate log but its just so small .. Others all get slabs … And if I was to get 2 … That will be un fare …
    So all u chocolate log hatters .. Bite me … They r the best

  11. Theresa

    You obviously have no taste, these are great. You may have had an old one or something, would give anything for one in Texas

  12. Berela

    Your chocolate log is the greatest. How about using this recipe for Easter eggs? Beacon needs a good competitor. Can you believe that they are in Durban, and Durban has NO Easter eggs, no matter where you go and Easter has only just started? I am sure you could do MUCH better than them. They appear to be confused. Easter eggs all year round AND for Christmas but NONE for Easter.

  13. Judy

    I have to say, this review is totally WRONG! I am from South Africa, living in the States now and boy oh boy do I miss my Chocolate Log. Best chocolate around. When fresh it literally melts away in your mouth. Yes, not a very good traveler and seasons being like they are you won’t easily find a time of year to really import them, unless you are a huge company that can import on big scale. I am very sad that I can’t buy it here in the States. Looking forward when I go visit South Africa to eat all the FAB chocolates you get there.

  14. kavin

    The review is pretty much on the money even if a fresh bar had been purchased in SA. I was a huge Chocolate Log fan prior to the Nestle take-over of Rowntree. The bar made with Rowntree chocolate and apple jam was pure delight. I am afraid I won’t buy this bar again. I would suggest a Woolworth’s Cutie Pie. Similar concept, way decadent taste.