Läkerol Salvi

March 1st, 2008 by Terry

Läkerol Salvi

Salvi eh? Just like yesterday’s, this is something that’s gonna take a bit of explaining, and be fortunate you get one…as once again I found out how this tasted the hard way.

Salvi takes the “sal” from yesterday’s salmiak, i.e. the saltiness, and mixes it with “vi”, the beginning of the word…violet. Anyone from the UK can probably now get an instant picture of how this tastes…

Yes, parma violets, that’s right. Salty parma violets…lovely. For those not in the know, violet is a real love or hate taste, as far as I’m concerned it tastes like cheap perfume, I can’t understand how anyone can like this stuff.

It’s bad enough when sweet, but salty is even stranger, it’s not NEARLY as salty as yesterday’s, but it’s definitely got a tinge of salt to it, and it’s just…not good, not good at all. If you like violet as a flavour then you may find a new obsession here, but for me, this was just…bad, to put it gently.

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14 Responses

  1. Sera

    MMmmm….that sounds….lovely..

    [/sarcasm] ;)

  2. Lucy

    Aw these all sound like they’ve been quite disappointing. The Blue Fruits flavour is very nice, and they do a Cassis flavour which is also very nice!

  3. Terry

    You don’t know what you’re missing out on, Sera.


  4. Barbara

    desperate for Lakerol Salvi. Anyone
    know where I can get this in the U.S.?
    I have tried everywhere…HELP

  5. Paul

    This is my 2nd favorite flavour next to Salmiak. It’s seriously good and you need to add it to your ‘Things-to-do-before-you-die’ list. Got my first batch freshly made in Sweden and have since imported new stock to UK from: http://www.northerner.com/en/food/Northerner_Swedish_Candy-306/Salvi%20Pastilles,%20Lakerol-2665/

    I see they can also ship from US so Yanks don’t have to pay heavy postage.

  6. Lotte Munch-Hansen

    Please join the Facebook group “I Love The Purple Läkerol Salvie” :D

  7. Make

    Oh my god, those tasted like soap.Totally horrible experience!!

  8. karina

    i just get one of this salvi läkerol.. my first thought was “wht is this?” really weird laviour.. but is not that bad… just weird.. i have to try the others >.<

  9. Georgie

    My aunt went to finland and came back with salty violet (Salvi), salty licorice (Salmiak) and licorice persimon :/

    I REALLY hope it was a joke.
    But if it was, it wasn’t very funny.

  10. Lillian

    well, I´ve tried the blue fruits flavor which is the best but it´s very hard to find, cassis and cactus are also very nice, tried the salvi one recently…it´s a little bit weird, but one can get used to it

  11. Scott

    Yup…soap, definitely tastes like soap. My co-worker agrees with me and is now made that he tried one!

  12. marie

    I hastily bought this thinking it was Cassis rebranded. The first few I had were fine, I don’t mind slight saltiness in some licorice, but now I just get this ammonia taste coming from them. Batch mixed with hairdye?

  13. stefania

    Unfortunatly i aggree.

    i find this to be like salt pastilles but with the added flavour of lipstick.

    and i know that i dont usually eat lipstick :/ my money was wasted.

  14. Anna

    I don’t think it tastes bad :-P
    Just ate a whole package. I think it tastes like tea or something, I get some kind of fresh breath.