Lindt Tiramisu Petit Desserts

January 9th, 2008 by Terry

Lindt Tiramisu Petit Desserts (Photo courtest of Chocablog)

Rarely have I looked forward to a chocolate bar as much as this one. Everything about it screams class, the packaging is a sleak cardboard box, with a little Lindt seal on the front, the picture of the tiramisu looks great, just everything about it makes my mouth water.

“Extra fine milk chocolate with a tiramisu centre: creamy filling with dark truffle, crunchy biscuit and coffee”. All of that in one chocolate bar? Sounds too good to be true…is it going to be?

Opening the box reveals the foil wrapper, and after carefully opening that you are presented with this behemoth of a bar. It’s still incredibly thick, and it looks great with ‘Lindt’ and the Lindt seal etched seperately onto each chunk. The bar doesn’t smell that good though, just sorta like regular chocolate.

I couldn’t get a decent picture of the insides of the chocolate due to flare, but boy does it looks good! It has the dark truffle on the top, with the white coffee mousse under it, and the crunchy biscuit is thrown in randomly, it really does look like a tiny tiramisu sandwiched between chocolate.

The taste I feel leaves something to be desired though. Let’s not take anything away from it here, as a stand alone bar it is excellent, but I didn’t think the tiramisu flavour came out enough, especially the coffee part of it. It was quite creamy and very sugary, but for the price this bar demands I don’t think it had quite enough quality.

Whilst still a very good bar, I would consider it to be a slight disappointment and I certainly wouldn’t buy it again. If you like tiramisu, you’re better off getting the real thing, this just doesn’t come close enough.

Per 30g (the bar is 150g) this has 165 calories, 1.8g Protein, 15g Carbohydrates (14.7g of which sugars) and 10.8g Fat (6.3g of which saturates).

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6 Responses

  1. Dom

    All that student drinking (and whatever else it is you young’ens do today) has clearly affected your taste buds. This is the most delicious chocolate ever! Ever!

    And isn’t that my photo?? :)

  2. Terry

    While I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s the best ever, on second thought I was overly harsh with this. I guess I was almost expecting this bar to save the world, but it was very good. And yeah, sorry about that, I rushed to get this up before my lectures today and forgot to put the courtesy note in. Edited now.

  3. Sylke

    I’m actually agreeing on that there are better Lindt bars. I also thought this was just a little too sweet and I won’t be buying this again.

  4. Alyssa

    that sounds really good

  5. Terry

    Sylke – For me, it’s the price of it as well that really nails it for me. For me, Lindt bars are just too expensive for what they are, for a student I have to be very sure that what I’m getting I’m going to like because really I just can’t afford to waste money on bad chocolate. Again that’s being too critical though, because this wasn’t bad in anyway, but perhaps too sweet like you said.

    Alyssa – I thought the same thing…still worth a try though, just look at Dom’s comment, you may end up loving it.

  6. Rachel

    I thought it was absolutely AMAZING!! My uncle brought it from Germany…it was SO good!! :) but, maybe if you were expecting something more, it may have been a dissapointment.
    but, I would buy it again!!