Paynes Mint Poppets

November 27th, 2007 by Terry

Paynes Mint Poppets

After yesterday’s incredibly disappointing Raisin Poppets I decided I might as well get the rest of these out of the way as soon as possible. Surely these couldn’t be as bad as yesterday’s…

The packaging here is just as weird. Green colouring due to the mint, I get that, but then there’s picture of a telephone on the front which seems nothing short of completely random. The back says ‘When I said give me a ring…I didn’t mean that kind!’…ummm…hilarious? I still don’t get it.

These are dark chocolate (49% cocoa solids) with a peppermint flavoured fondant centre. They sound ok, but when you open the box and find the entire contents are stuck together in one big Poppets shaped blob, you know it’s not going to be good.

Though in all honesty after eating these, I can say that they’re not terrible. They’re sugary and cheap tasting, but no more so than almost any other mint flavoured chocolate I’ve had in the past. That’s not to say these are good, because they’re not, but they’re a ton better than what I had yesterday.

So I don’t recommend these, but I assure you that you can do much worse. Each box has 185 calories, 0.8g Protein, 33.3g Carbohydrates and 5.4g Fat.

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10 Responses

  1. raine

    hi again terry,
    i must say i like posting comments on your reviews so here goes- hmmm. mint and chocolate are to me the golden couple of confectionery. two strong flavors joining together to create this really yin-yang sort of partnership (mixture?). a good one i had recently is lindt (again!) mint and dark chocolate from their excellence line. but of course to me, the gold standard would have to be york’s peppermint patties. have you ever had them?

  2. Leigh

    The pics are supposed to reflect Poppet’s kitsch value, like the old phone, rubix cube, lava lamp etc…

    No idea what the comments are in aid of!

    Yep, they’re vile anyway. Like the toffee one’s though.

  3. ellie

    i’m beginning to think the jokes really don’t make any sense and they are messing with our heads. today’s sounds kind of rude to me but maybe i’m just a perv. as for the telephone – how long have poppets been around? because if they are old enough to be considered ‘kitsch’ then maybe that’s why there are kitsch pictures on the front. the raisins are horrific though aren’t they? the tesco ones are the best and you get tonnes too.

  4. Terry

    Raine – I can see why you’d think that, my opinion is that a few things mix better with chocolate when done well – caramel, nuts and fruits. I have nothing against mint but companies half-ass it all the time it seems, except for the top ones. I have tried the York Peppermint Pattie, as far as I can remember I thought it was ok…in retrospect it was a hell of a lot better than things I’ve tried since. Gotta say I’m pleased you have the Lindt Excellence line in Singapore as well, that shows just how good Lindt’s distribution is, as we have the same bars here. :)

    Leigh – That makes sense. Shame the Poppets themselves can’t reflect their kitsch (nice word) value, instead of ruining people’s sweet nostalgia whenever they taste them, as they are likely currently doing.

    Ellie – That’s so evil it could be true! I think you’re just a perv, I’ve looked pretty hard for sexual innuendo in it and other than the word ‘ring’ which is starting to make me laugh now, I’ve got nothing. I think they’ve been around for a good few years, probably since our parent’s generation were kids, but I can’t be arsed to research it because they don’t deserve my time and effort. Raisins in general are a terrible thing, all shrivelled and ugly, I hates em.

  5. raine

    oh terry, i’m not actually in singapore but close enough as i am in the philippines. it’s about an hour and a half plane ride away.:-) what i meant about distributors in singapore is that they reach all of asia.

  6. Terry

    D’oh, sorry I’m pretty sure you’ve told me that before as well. No offence meant. :)

  7. raine

    none taken terry.:-)

  8. ellie

    raisins freak me out a bit too but the tescos ones are nice and juicy and it’s the texture rather than taste that’s pleasant. the chocolate is more noticeable in the tesco ones which is actually better cos raisins make me think of prune juice.
    but do you remember the cartoon the california raisins?
    and yes it seems i am just a perv, it was indeed the word ring i was looking at but seeing as you had to look hard for rudeness and i saw it automatically, i’m thinking perhaps i need counselling

  9. Terry

    Prune juice…ugh. I don’t remember that cartoon, no, I try and stay away from anything raisin related in general. I think I’ve noticed the rudeness now, you are indeed a sicko and should hang your head in shame.

  10. ellie

    *obediently hangs head in shame*