Paynes Raisin Poppets

November 26th, 2007 by Terry

Paynes Raisin Poppets

I remember back when I did my Business Studies GCSE that my coursework was based on a business evaluation of Paynes Poppets. We had to buy the products, rate them and compare them to other products on the market, as well as evaluating many other things to do with the company and product. I didn’t think much of them at the time, and I think even less of them now…

They have a rather interesting box design. For some reason there’s a motorcycle on the front of the box (yes I know the picture I have is one of a lava lamp, stock photos suck), and on the back it says ‘He said he would show me the world…but all I got was a Backy and a Mr Whippy!’, if anyone can tell me what on earth that is meant to mean then I’d appreciate it, as it’s got me stumped.

So what are Poppets? Well it depends on what flavour you have, here they are basically raisins (50%) covered in milk chocolate (50%). So…chocolate coated raisins then…my mouth is watering…

The way I would describe the taste of these would be tasteless yucky raisins covered in stale chocolate. It’s hard to describe stale chocolate, but imagine it as regular chocolate, only really crappy and cheap tasting and with a strange skin to it. Chocolate should never have a skin, it’s so unnatural.

The raisins don’t help much either, with no taste at all. So basically this is one of the worst things I’ve reviewed yet. There’s really nothing here that I found pleasing at all. What a waste…

The box has 152 calories, 1.8g Protein, 24.8g Carbohydrates and 5g Fat.

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3 Responses

  1. Jenny

    A Mr Whippy is an ice-cream, of the extremely-synthetic fluff variety. A backy? Perhaps a piggy-back, or – given the motorbike – a ride on the back of the bike?

    But putting together what the words mean doesn’t remotely explain why it’s written on a Poppets packet.

    Business Studies GCSEs are amazingly dumb, aren’t they? Not that mine was as interesting as that analysis sounds, I don’t think …

  2. Terry

    I should have explained better (it seems I find myself saying this a lot), I knew what a Mr Whippy was and my guess at a backy was what you thought, but like you I don’t understand the connection to this and Poppets at all. It’s just…weird. And I assure you there was nothing interesting about it…

  3. Tom

    I think it’s a bit of nostalgic marketing because Poppets have “come back”, supposed to make you reminisce about old times related to the image on the front. I have a box with a “Space Hopper” on the front, and on the back it says “The flower bed was never the same… the rose had the last laugh”.