Montezuma’s Orange & Geranium Bar

November 5th, 2007 by Terry

Orange and Geranium Bar

Now here’s an interesting sounding one. 73% cocoa solids dark chocolate with orange oil and geranium oil mixed in. There’s no chunky pieces of orange here, no geranium petals sticking out of the bar, it just uses the oils of both to create a subtle flavour, in a similar way to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange range, only with much better quality I would hope.

The bar is of course organic, and weighs in at a hefty 100g. Once again there’s a huge wall of text on the back of the box, they have a little story about one of their managers giving up chocolate for Lent yet having these bars stuffed all over the place, that’s wonderful. They say there is little they can say to “help the uninitiated” with the flavours here, well that’s not much help. I’m unitiated, I’ve never had geranium in a bar, instead they choose to bang on about people climbing Everest to get their bars and bungee jumping naked to get away from them, and I wish I was making this stuff up. And then threre’s more blurb about their passion which doesn’t help much, so…research time.

I tried looking geranium up on Wikipedia but found it didn’t really help much, so I spent a bit of time googling, and found nothing of much use there. I decided it was best to just eat the damn bar and make up my own mind about it, so opened the box and pulled open the plastic wrapper, and there it was in front of me. The bar was identical looking to yesterday’s, only much darker due to the cocoa solids content, and the rich orange smell it was giving off.

Taking my first bite, what I first noticed was the bitterness of the dark chocolate, it’s a bit of a wake up call and I realised I had to take this a bit slowly, the orange then came through powerfully over the chocolate, to the extent where I could taste nothing but orange, even the sweetness of it managed to tone down what should really be a very bitter bar. As the chocolate melted away it became just a little bit floral…yes, this is the effect of the geranium. Still orangey, but just a bit lighter and with a slightly floral taste that I can only relate to turkish delight, though obviously much less powerful in taste.

The rest of the bar is more of the same really. It’s not too bitter once you’ve adjusted to it, the dark chocolate is good quality and with a sharp taste, the orange is strong enough to overpower the dark chocolate taste, and yet with the geranium it’s toned down just a bit. It’s a bit of a complex bar, but to lovers of dark chocolate and the Terry’s chocolate orange brand, this is highly recommended. The bar can be bought here, where they also have that little story as well about the office manager, just to prove that I’m not lying. Shame I can’t take a picture about the naked bungee jumping though…

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2 Responses

  1. Katie Wong

    I sampled this in Chichester. It made me feel giddy and constipated and my boyfriend feared for my physical and mental health. I have since been diagnosed with Cajun Squirrel Disorder, or CSD as its more widely known. The Doctors rate my chances at 37.231%. Please send any donations to my publicist Max Clifford. Much Love.

  2. chocolatebunny

    A strong and strange chocolate experience as the dark chocolate hit gives way to a scented finale.
    The geranium is an essential oil which smells and tastes of roses. It does work in the context of this chocolate, as does the orange, but it is an Earl Grey type of chocolate. e.g it’s not tea, it’s a drink on its own.